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        Team Centreville is a group of elite floor hockey players chosen by the Centreville media and the associated press. They have been brought together for the purpose of bringing floor hockey gold to the community, and help restore the economy of Centreville. Team Centreville travels to the International Floor Hockey Championships held at the Northeast Kings Education Center Sporting Complex in Canning beginning March 19. The Team, coaching staff, and board of directors would like to thank you for your support.


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CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - 05/02/02 (Day 45)
Team Centreville - 7
Lemeiux 2(10), Brown 2(8),
Muggah 2 (3),Gretzky 1(6)
Team Teachers - 2
Cahoon 1(4), MacDougell 1(6)
Sportsnet 3 Star Selection
1.Mike Murray
2.Jamie Muggah


Centreville lights up as their team captures the International Floor Hockey Titile



Team Centreville Captures 2002 Floor Hockey Gold

By Steve Richardson, Associated Press
NKEC, canning., - It was a golden moment for Team Centreville this afternoon, as they capped off a perfect tournament by claiming their first
ever gold medal.
    The highly anticipated game did not disappoint, as it was easily the most exciting and most physical contest of the tournament, treating the sold out NKEC Sporting Complex crowd to the best floor hockey action this side of the sun. Both teams came out hammering, as they both were very defensive for the first 10 minutes, than Team Centreville decided to start things off as they quickly scored two goals to make it a 2-0. Shortly after that, the Big Red Machine himself got away, or running away scared from Wayne Gretzkys tight checking, and managed to snipe a goal from well out in front of a screen Mike Murray. Gretzky, Lemieux and Brown replied unawnsered for Team Centreville when Doogie replied with a pretty goal for the Teachers squad. It was too little to late though, as the Teachers couldn't handle the offense of Team Centreville who added two more goals, including a beautiful goal from young tough guy Jamie Muggah, to round out the scoring and along with the outstanding defensive play of Nic Brewster, and the stellar goaltending yet again of Mike Murray, Team Centreville captured a  decisive 7-2 victory.
    "That one is for everyone who doubted us along the way, no one thought we could do it, but 6 guys in our dressing room and about 15 in our front office knew we had the team to beat, but no one wanted to believe us, and no we're the champions" said goaltender Mike Murray. "From setting the traps in our village, to having biased referee's, we had every obstacle to overcome, it just goes to show we not only had the talent, but the character in the dressing room." he added
    "Oh my god, did you like totally see when Lemieux hit me, I was like you totally better just step boy, I was very angry, he could have hurt me or even made me bruise!" said a unnamed member of Team Teachers.
    "I was very scared, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when we discussed the idea of putting a team in the tournament during our annual tupperware party, but they were so talented and when you add toughness into the mix, it's a dangerous combination, as we found out today, we were their bitch's" said a tall red headed team Teachers member.
    "It was an unbelievable success" said NKEC Sporting Complex Owner Jamal Ozergbah "Every game had great turn outs, with more than 10 being sold out, including all of Team Centrevilles games which is understandable, it's a chance to see the legends themselves playing live, it's a opportunity no one would ever pass up." he said. Mr.Ozergbah went on to comment about the championship game sales "It was nuts, we had fans sleeping over last night to get their tickets this morning, their were two fights, one wrestling match and 4 gun fights over the tickets."
    There were no comments on the futures of the players, as they were just interested in soaking up the moment, but many believe they will begin their own floor hockey school that the teachers are more than welcome to attend. They have also been rumored to start their modeling careers and sign many endorsement deals with such companies as Nike, Adidas, Trojan, Lifestyles, Sheik, and other major names.
    With the end of the tournament comes the end of the most talented team in the history of the games, legends were made and legendary careers were solidified, with Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Nic Brewster and Mike Murray no longer eligible for the tournament, Team Centreville rest its hopes on the backs of Jamie Muggah and Ben Brown, to continue on the newly born tradition of floor hockey dominance.

We Leave you with some Championship Game moments:

Team Centrevilles Mario Lemieux throws down Dale Sandford of Team Teachers

Jimmy Cahoon gets fed multiple Left hands by Wayne Gretzky

Mike Murray looks back as Cahoon's shot finds a hole between his legs

Murray comes back to rob Sandford

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