Team Centreville Ticket Information


Single Tickets

Upper Bowl - $52
Lower Bowl - $78

Tournament Package

All Games              $172
All Games (suite)    $300
VIP passes             $420

Group Tickets

The Group Experience

Team Centrevile group nights are back for 2001/2002, and this season they are bigger and better than ever. Whether
your group consists of 20 friends enjoying an evening of hockey or 1,000 employees enjoying an entire evening of fun,
we’re here to make sure your event is a major success. Who can you invite? Here are some suggestions:

     Friends and Family Members
     Employees at a company outing
     Clients enjoying an appreciation event
     Sports Teams
     Use your creativity to add to this list. “The more, the merrier” certainly applies here!

Group Benefits

     Special Group Sweepstakes - Your group will have its own special sweepstakes draw
     during the game.
     Advance Ticket Purchasing - Group tickets are on sale now for the entire season. You do
     not have to wait until the public sale date. This means that the big games sell out early - so call
     Special Seating Section - All your guests will sit together, cheer together, and have fun
     together. Most likely, they’ll tell you that this was their most memorable special event.
     Scoreclock Acknowledgment - Your organization will be welcomed during the game on our
     giant Team Centreville video scoreclock.
     No Ticket Lines or Service Charges

Other Group Options

Some other group options that you may wish to consider:

     Corporate Room - Located on the Terrace level, the Corporate Room is the perfect place to hold your pre-game
     function or business meeting for 30 to 60 guests. An open or cash bar, and an excellent selection of buffet
     dinners are available.
     Discount Hot Dog and Pop Coupons - Only $3! Purchase a Hot Dog and Pop coupon with each of your group
     tickets and save $4.25.

Ask your Team Centreville representative for more information on these and other fantastic options.

Group Seating Options

Whether you want to sit close enough to see the fire in the players’ eyes or up in the gallery with some of our wildest
supporters, we have a seating option to suit your tastes and your budget. These prices are the lowest you’ll find
anywhere and there are no extra costs!

These prices include GST and all ticket surcharges.

                        Seat Type    A Game*  B Game* C Game*

                        Gold Club    $118.00    $110.00  $110.00

                        Silver Club   $105.00    $99.00    $99.00

                        Executive     $74.00      $70.00    $70.00

                        Terrace        $54.00      $46.00     $46.00

                        Colonnade   $36.00      $31.00     $31.00

                        Gallery         $24.00     $21.00      $21.00

                   Standing Room $22.00     $20.00      $20.00

         Hot Dog/Pop Coupon $3.00        $3.00          incl.

           Bonus Incentives  -Prize Draw -Prize Draw -Prize Draw
                                                          -Group        -Group
                                                           Discount      Discount

For more information on games, call a Group Sales Representative.

Group Sales Policy

     Group orders must be of 20 or more tickets. No exceptions.
     Tickets must be paid for in full at the time that the order is placed.
     Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers will receive the best available seating.
     You may add to your order as long as there are tickets available. However, additional seats cannot be
     guaranteed the same location as the original group order.
     Payments may be made by cheque, money order, cash, or credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and
     Diners Club are accepted. Cheques should be made out to Team Centreville Floor Hockey Club.
     All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
     An $8.56 Purolator shipping fee will apply to all orders, unless arrangements are made for ticket pickup at the
     NKEC office. Such arrangements must be made at the time the order is placed. The NKEC office is located just outside the
     NKEC Sporting Complex.