Mike Murray Interview with the Centreville Herald
By April O'Neal

fans pile in the Centreville Court Coliseum to watch their team on the jumbo tron

April O'Neal, Channel 6 News
April - I'm here with mike murray of team centreville, who just posted a 5-2 win over rival team clippers, mike tell me, this team has been on the same page right out of the gate, what can you tell me about the job your team has been able to do so far in the tournament?

Murray - well we're doing the type of job we knew we could do all along. every other team out here does nothing but doubt us and put us down, they don't realize that we feel we have the best team in this thing. We have proved it, we've beat two of the best teams in the tournament and now were clearly focused on gold. I would also like to send out a personal message to Team Clippers. Clippers, thanks for coming out boys and enjoy the golf course. And Nick Ansems can suck my dick.

April - That's lovely, what do you think was the difference in the two teams, the clippers could clearly not compete with team Centreville?

Murray - We have a well more balanced team, all the way threw the defense, forwards, goaltending, whatever, I don't think there's a team that is as balanced as we are, the only team that can beat us is ourselves.

April - Can you comment for me on the up coming games and what you feel you have to do to win and give us your thoughts on the teachers in a division with a bunch of 13 year olds

Murray - well, it's just typical that the teachers did this again this year just ot boast ticket sales. they are the joke of the league by doing this. I'm feeling very confident heading into the next round because we have already beat the two best teams in the league.

April - You obviously have been a key to the success of your team, can you tell me what it's like to have been chosen to play on an elite team as this and play in a tournament like this, and what does your franchise team in the CRHL feel about your play?

Murray - Well Foleaze Park have been more the satisfied, there really excited to see me there and love seeing my team succeed like this. All I wanna do right now is represent Centreville and my own team in Foleaze Park well.

April - You're play in this tournament has been said to be one of the greats of all time, what's the key's to your success?

Murray - Just being confident in your team as well as yourself. I know the talent is there, i just can't buckle under the pressure, and what a lot of people don't know is that i'm in great shape, I put on 25 pounds of extra muscle in the off season and came to camp in great shape.

April - Mike thanks for joining us and good luck the rest of the way.

Murray - My pleasure, and remember, If it feels good, do it.